Behind A Class Above

As specialists, we are particular about every single detail in order to provide you with the highest possible quality. We consider it our mission not to cut corners. Below are some examples of what we are conscious about all the time.

Flame Grilling

We have observed many Japanese restaurants in Australia serve pan-fried teriyaki. We certainly agree that pan-frying is efficient from a business point of vew as it is quicker to cook, more economical, less messy and easier to clean.

In contrast, flame grilling is really inefficient in multiple facets; it is slow to cook, not economical, produces a lot of smoke & debris and is much harder to clean. It seems full of drawbacks.

However, it has one big advantage – Its flavour. It is just obvious that flame grillled meat and fish contains far more flavours than pan-fried ones. We came to confirm it through the countless number of experiments upon starting off our business. Having discovered this, we found it impossible to leave the biggest advantage behind. We decided to do the hard way.

Housemade Teriyaki Sauce

Small details can make a big difference in the final product. Teriyaki sauce is no different. For this reason, we have painstakingly repeated trial and error to perfect all the elements (i.e. ingredients, mixing ratio, heat level, mixing sequence) until we became proud of it.

However, it is still possible that the flavour of teriyaki sauce from the same recipe may vary depending on room temperature, batches of ingredients and other factors. So we never forget to keep our tongues and eyes alert in order to maintain the best quality.

High Quality Ingredients

We have heard our chef friend saying “Cooking can’t exceed ingredients”. We believe this is true, in that what we can do in cooking is to realise the potential of ingredients and make the most out of them.

This is one of the reasons why we get our ingredients as locally as possible, given we are more assured of the condition of local ingredients than imported ones.

Secondly, we prioritise quality over cost. All of our ingredients have been carefully tested one by one before we decide to use them. It is our strict rule that we never use anything unless it impresses us.

Utensils and Equipment

Our particularity reaches out to utensils and equipment as well, as we understand that they also have a big influence on flavours.

One example is kitchen knives. If you cut meat with a blunt knife in one hand, your other hand will push the meat firmly down on the chopping board, so it won’t slide away. Chances are the cut section becomes inaccurate and uneven, having to force the blunt knife to cut. An uneven section is likely to result in uneven cooking, where the thiner parts get dry by the time the thicker parts are cooked. Also, an unsharp section is full of crushed cells around it, which cannot hold cell sap well. Such meat tends to let go of meat juice, which ends up being dry when cooked.

This is similar for other utensils and equipment, and this is the reason why we carefully spend a lot of time to choose the equipment we use.

Passionate Craftsmanship

Perhaps our comprehensive particularity comes from the craftsmanship within us. We always put our craftsmanship above our business, and we cannot stop ourselves from pushing the limit further.

We understand what we do is not the best practice in terms of business. However, we find ourselves feeling so rewarded when we see a big smile on our customer’s face. And this is our biggest motivation to putting our utmost effort into every single detail of our service.

Maybe it also can be called passion. Yes, that’s probably a better word to describe it. It is certainly our passion to share the joy of real teriyaki with you. We won’t try to make it beautiful, but we do our best to make it delicious. We sincerely hope you enjoy Teriyaki Tokyo.